埂上设计 蜜悦·深圳安娜花园海景精品度假酒店

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Countless people come and go, but few people want to stay。


As a vibrant city full of passion and dreams, Shenzhen has never lacked fresh and fun ideas and endless concepts. Deeply rooted in the city's genes of the pursuit and love of life, the holiday image is set as a wallpaper, and the taste of midsummer is retained within the square inch of Haibei Bay Miyue Boutique Hotel。

度假并非逃离,而是融合Not escape, just blending━在设计之初,设计师想要通过这种度假空间与生活方式的营造,进行一种可能性探讨:构建一个自由空间,在提供自然触觉和浪漫体验的同时,依然可以将美好与喜悦与身边人分享,无论熟悉或陌生,形成一种轻松的表达氛围与休闲状态。

At the beginning of the design, the designer wanted to explore a possibility through the creation of this holiday space and lifestyle: to build a free space that can still bring beauty and joy to the side while providing a natural touch and romantic experience. People share, whether familiar or unfamiliar, to form a relaxed expression atmosphere and leisure state。

基于对度假空间的探索,建筑的一层以开放的空间形式强化互动关系,组成空间的多种可能性。整体的视觉与空间融为一体,借由外部柔和的光线形成了新的生活社交“发生场”。Based on the exploration of vacation space, the first floor of the building strengthens the interactive relationship in the form of open space, forming a variety of possibilities of space. The overall vision and space are integrated, and a new social "happening field" is formed by the soft external light。

公共区域中丰富的木质家居陈设,以柔和的肌理为空间的情绪传递温暖。树木生长的年轮印刻着过往的岁月痕迹,也传递着都市人勇于挣脱城市束缚、投身自然的设计理念:以城市孤岛中的漂浮意象,投射现代人内心渴望理解与亲近的孤独状态。The rich wooden furniture in the public area conveys warmth to the mood of the space with soft texture. The growth rings of trees are engraved with the traces of the past years, and also convey the design concept that urban people have the courage to break free from the constraints of the city and devote themselves to nature。


Short-term emptying and situational experience are a good way to return to the concrete forest to create a run again. Through the cycle of this process, everyone can build their own new understanding and thinking about the way of life。


How to realize the identity transformation of the participants from the urban scene mode to the natural habitat, and reduce the psychological state of nervousness and alertness, has become the primary problem that designers need to solve. GS Design tries to give a new definition of vacation experience through this contradictory sense of hedging and continuity, that is, by feeling the vigorous vitality of nature , continuously injecting energy and inspiration into the rushing rhythm of the city.。

去风格化的风格已成为当今主流的设计方法之一,从建筑到室内,其影响处处可见。为了体现极简主义的利落感和都市感,留白是设计师最常用的表现手法。但并不意味着要刻意回避设计,只不过是把空间保持在最简单松弛的状态。De-stylized styles have become one of the dominant design methods today, and their influence can be seen everywhere from architecture to interiors. In order to reflect the neat and urban feel of minimalism, white space is the most commonly used expression method by designers. But it does not mean to deliberately avoid design, but to keep the space in the most simple and relaxed state。


GS Design chooses to use the concept of "Road to Simplicity" throughout the whole process of shaping the space: the overall atmosphere is rendered with a simple and soft background, and attention is paid to the space leftover and the communication between inside and outside the building; as for soft furnishings, cotton and linen are preferred. The soft touch of the fabric and the patterns with rich national characteristics are embellished to create a "soft" spiritual world with rich imagination space。

每个人都会有POWER OFF 的至暗时刻,也会向往短暂的逃离。而设计的本质,在功能性和情感之间寻求一个平衡,让使用者在被主题化的空间里找到自我认同。从进入房间的瞬间,迎面而来是碧波的无限包容。通过大面积落地开窗,将环境的生动触感引入到室内,窗外的山海与绿荫争先恐后地跳脱到面前,鲜活而美好。Everyone will have the darkest moment of power off, and will also yearn for a short escape. The essence of design seeks a balance between functionality and emotion, allowing users to find self-identity in the themed space. From the moment of entering the room, the oncoming face is the infinite tolerance of Bibo. Through large-scale floor-to-ceiling windows, the vivid touch of the environment is introduced into the interior。

都市能量续航饱含浪漫色彩与情调:无所谓几个人,无所谓待多久,享受此刻的宁静美好,在转身之后投入都市忙碌的节奏。这种切换正是设计的价值赋予城市发展的驱动补给,更是蜜悦品牌想要表达的多元生活方式理念。将自然的亲近投射到每个入住者的眉眼间,远离城市喧嚣,海浪虫鸣在耳边回荡,汇成美妙的音符,与都市连接,彼此守望。The urban energy endurance is full of romance and sentiment: it doesn't matter how many people you stay, it doesn't matter how long you stay, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the moment, and devote yourself to the busy rhythm of the city after turning around. This kind of switching is the driving supply that the value of design gives to the development of the city, and it is also the concept of multi-lifestyle that the Miyue brand wants to express, projecting the closeness of nature to the eyebrows of every occupant, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the sound of waves and insects Reverberating in my ears, they form wonderful notes, connecting with the city and watching each other。


项目名称:蜜悦·深圳安娜花园海景精品度假酒店Project Name:MIYUE Anna Garden Seaview Boutique Resort Shenzhen

项目地址:深圳南澳Project Location:Nan'ao, Shenzhen

项目面积:830m²Project Area:830m²

竣工时间:2022年5月Completion Date:May 2022

业主单位:深圳蜜悦酒店管理公司 Owner:Shenzhen MIYUE Hotel Management Company

室内设计及软装设计:埂上设计Interior and Soft Decoration:GS Design

设计总监:李良超、黄圆满Designer:Li Liangchao, Huang Yuanman软装总监:冯雨Decoration Director:Feng Yu参与设计:李超Participating Designer: Li Chao 

项目摄影:翱翔Photographer:Ao Xiang